Here is the website of the ECODIV laboratory of ecology at the University of Rouen (76). this laboratory, founded in 1997, is located on the campus of Sciences of Mont Saint Aignan.

Like every university laboratory, ECODIV has both a mission of research and of education. Its activities of research focus on the soil-plant interface. The mission of education carried out by the lab members is mainly done within the department of Biology of the University of Rouen. Besides, the laboratory is in charge of several specialized courses in the 3rd year of university (Ecology and Biology of Organisms), of the vocational Master Water, Soil, Environnement focusing on biodiversity and of the preparation for the highest teaching diploma in France called "Agregation".

Photo de groupe du laboratoire

The ECODIV lab is also part of the Institute for Research and Education in Environmental Sciences (IRESE) that unites environmental competences in terms of research and education on the university site of the Mont Saint Aignan. The laboratory is also a founding member of the Federative Structure Research in Sciences Applied to the Environment (SCALE) that gathers laboratories of Normandy from different fields of studies working on environmental themes. The SCALE is itself part of a regional network called the Great Network of Research Environmental Sciences, Risk analysis and management (GRR SER). The SFR SCALE suggests an interdisciplinary approach and the development of tools of expertise on risks limited to the consequences of global change on terrestrial and littoral environments. Themes covered by ECODIV within this structure concern (1) the analysis of anthropic impacts on biodiversity and functionning of terrestrial ecosystems, (2) the use of ecological concepts for ecological restoration.